Embed the power of a spreadsheet into Qlik BI platform

This enterprise spreadsheet displays and manages data much like Microsoft Excel. Popular features include a formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, sparklines, and native Excel input/output.

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  • Mathew Braveheart

    Senior Director
    applySheet leading to full integration with Qlik, to make available to all users qlik provides the flexibility that Excel does in tweaking or adding to the data, as well as reporting on it.
  • Stephen Hawking

    Senior Scientist
    additional BI functionality is available. the spreadsheet in our Qlik, offer in seamless to user experience and Is more than of an Qlik extension.
  • Isaac Newton

    Senior Scientist
    its flexibility and ease of use with excel Familiarity, addition vast amount of capability to qlik platform.




Build a Spreadsheet to Qlik in Five Minutes

applysheet extensions enable you to extend the visualization capabilities of Qlik by using spreadsheet just like Excel.

Users can create calculations using a wizard that bridges qlik and spreadsheet data and operations thus ensuring a consistent interface.

The user will ultimately define how applysheet fits into the Qlik workflows. It could happen at any point in the Qlik process and not like one defined use in a workflow, but one of continual use as needed.

Data entry

The Best Grid is a Spreadsheet

Data entry, modifying calculations and changing Qlik scenarios on the fly. The result is that you see the implications of your analysis as you go, informing you along the way of qlik where your data reveals.

applysheet removes the barriers to widespread adoption of adding data across the entire Qlik ecosystem. Users can treat the Qlik data as regular spreadsheet data.

The plugin it mechanism that allows users to combine the power of the Qlik with the almost unlimited capabilities of the spreadsheet.

Excel Import/Export

Get existing Excel implementations into Qlik

ApplySheet enables seamless interoperability Qlik with excel, allowing enterprises to leverage their existing excel implementations and extend fully-automated action to the entire qlik ecosystem.

You can import to Qlik an Excel file (.xlsx) to JSON and export a JSON to Excel or other additional file types that are supported such as CSV, TXT, and PDF.

applysheet is fully (integrated- embedded) with Qlik itself and is to able to interact with full capacity. With this capability at hand, seeing your data becomes applysheet a fundamental dimension of your analysis.

Print & Print Preview

Reporting for All of Your Business Needs

applysheet let you design reports with fixed layouts, which enables them to combine the powerful capabilities of Qlik with such as Excel functionality.

easy-to-use tools provides users, designers, to create reports from Qlik data with multiple formats (structure ) like statements, budget, stock analysis, and other business reports for their Qlik applications.

Now its up to you to decide

Apply Now! solutions that allow them to focus on growing their business and not running their IT. Capitalize on this opportunity by running and even hosting Qlik solutions for your customers



Workbook Support

Present data in a grid layout, a single spreadsheet, or in a multiple sheet workbook. However you choose to display data, you get features such as a function library, grouping, sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting.

Spreadsheet Authoring

Whether you are working in bound, unbound, or mixed mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow right in the browser.

Style and Formatting

Format cells exactly the way you wish with features such as fonts, alignment, merging, borders, and shading. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells..

Excel-like Data Display

Sort, filter, group, and outline data to get the view you need. Table formatting and conditional formatting are also supported.

Excel Features

Give your users the spreadsheet features they expect such as drag-fill, drag move, hidden columns, hidden rows, shapes, and frozen panes.

Import Excel Files

The Spread.Sheets designer application imports Excel files with features intact, so people who don't use Spread.Sheets can help design data views. This is particularly useful in involving subject matter experts in the design process.


What do we provide?


Design your form online

ApplySheet allow the Qlik users to edit input forms & layout just like Excel, no need to learn how to design the appearance of the form.


Your Own Qlik Grid

Quickly and easily create a Grid layout into Qlik, input dtata with Sorting, filtering, grouping, and other applySheet functions.


Formula Support

300+ built-in formulas for manipulate the contents of cells, combined the power of the Qlik formulas with applysheet.


Conditional Formatting

Quickly create conditional formats for visually explore and analyze your Qlik data, expanding dimension of your analysis



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