Qlik Sense spreadsheet
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THE EASIEST WAY to displays and manages Qlik Sense data like using Microsoft Excel

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Enterprise Qlik Sense spreadsheet extension

Displays and manages data like using Microsoft Excel


Integrate Your Spreadsheet Into Qlik
Excel implementations are now available directly into Qlik Sense

Data entry & Writeback

Mix Qlik Sense data and new input data
The power of Qlik meets the limitless possibilities of the spreadsheet

Edit Qlik Data

Extend Qlik Sense internal calculations
Combine the unique features of Qlik Sense with the functionality of Excel


Rethink Qlik Sense as the ultimate self-service BI tool

KlikSheet provides functions into Qlik Sense that can be used to perform calculations, determine conditions, load raw data, regular expressions to transform and aggregate data.
Popular features include formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, sparklines, and native Excel import/export.


Integrate the benefit of Excel into Qlik Sense
Produce an Excel-like experience into the Qlik Sense environment with
advantages of a common User Interface.

Fast And Easy Excel Import/Export
Provide One of the easiest ways to bridges an Excel worksheet with
Qlik Sense data with direct interaction.

Manage information in one place
Sharing data provide easy way if you want to add or edit data, you make
the changes in Excel, and write back the data in the Qlik Sense data base.

Customize layouts with no line of code
Enables you to design Qlik Sense reports with fixed layouts that combine
the unique features of Qlik Sense with the functionality of Excel.

KlikSheet Annual Pricing  
For Qlik Sense desktop limited to 5 users ?
Unlimited users by Qlik Sense desktop ?€
Unlimited users by Qlik Sense Server ?€

Unlock the hidden power of your Qlik Sense


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