Enterprise Qlik Sense spreadsheet extension

Displays and manages data like using Microsoft Excel


Integrate Your Spreadsheet Into Qlik
Excel implementations are now available directly into Qlik Sense

Data entry & Writeback

Mix Qlik Sense data and new input data
The power of Qlik meets the limitless possibilities of the spreadsheet

Edit Qlik Data

Extend Qlik Sense internal calculations
Combine the unique features of Qlik Sense with the functionality of Excel


Rethink Qlik Sense as the ultimate self-service BI tool

KlikSheet provides functions into Qlik Sense that can be used to perform calculations, determine conditions, load raw data, regular expressions to transform and aggregate data.
Popular features include formula engine, sorting, filtering, input controls, sparklines, and native Excel import/export.


Integrate the benefit of Excel into Qlik Sense
Produce an Excel-like experience into the Qlik Sense environment with
advantages of a common User Interface.

Fast And Easy Excel Import/Export
Provide One of the easiest ways to bridges an Excel worksheet with
Qlik Sense data with direct interaction.

Manage information in one place
Sharing data provide easy way if you want to add or edit data, you make
the changes in Excel, and write back the data in the Qlik Sense data base.

Customize layouts with no line of code
Enables you to design Qlik Sense reports with fixed layouts that combine
the unique features of Qlik Sense with the functionality of Excel.

KlikSheet Pricing
Up to 50 users 250 USD/user/year. 10 users min.
Over to 50 users Contact sales for pricing

Unlock the hidden power of your Qlik Sense



You never knew a Qlik Sense could do this!

Excel-like Qlik Sense spreadsheet apps
Excel compatibility in Qlik environment
Data Entry & Write Back on the fly
Add your existing Excel files
Grid-based forms layout
Spreadsheet skills on any financial approach

Excel-like Qlik Sense spreadsheet apps

Combine the power of Qlik with the flexibility of spreadsheet.

  • Interactive data grids 
  • Qlik data direct to spreadsheet
  • Ribbon control integration
  • Advanced Excel capabilities
  • Build a variety of apps with one tool


Excel compatibility in Qlik environment

Build full-featured apps with KlikSheet flexible calculation engine.

  • Formula text box
  • 450+ built-in formulas
  • Excel-like copy and paste functions
  • High-speed calculating power
  • Common Qlik Sense filtering


Data Entry & Write Back on the fly

Write, enter and edit data directly into your Qlik Sense applications

  • Excel based data entry
  • Data write-back
  • Consolidation with qlik data
  • Full integration with Qlik ecosystem
  • See your changes instantly


Add your existing Excel files

Use your external excel applications directly into Qlik Sense.

  • Upload Excel Documents
  • Keep all the formulas and formatting
  • Create complex data modelling
  • Leverage the benefits of working in a common environment


Grid-based forms layout

Deliver first-class Qlik Sense Forms with this Excel-like spreadsheet extension

  • Code-free designing
  • Cell merging
  • Data Validation engine
  • Add, edit, or display Qlik data
  • Printing and print preview


Spreadsheet skills on any financial approach

All the financial planning and analysis tools you need into Qlik Sense

  • Add grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality
  • Display real-time Qlik data on your spreadsheet apps
  • Save time and provide accurate reporting
  • Empower control within Qlik Sense environment
  • Reduce Computing Risk



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